In 2009 "Golden Section" auction house initiated the opening of «CONTEMPORARY ART», a contemporary art department. In autumn 2009 there was the first auction of «CONTEMPORARY ART», where the collectors were demonstrated a "new" section of Ukrainian art, still unknown to a lot of people. For the first time in Ukraine at the auction in addition to painting there were represented objects, installations, photo works, videos, street art and digital art.

The opening of the pre-auction exhibition was accompanied by a shocking performance, which was organized to reveal the nature and strangeness of contemporary art, as well as to emphasize ideological component of the works of contemporary authors.

Already in the spring of 2010 there was an auction of "YOUNG CONTEMPORARY ART", which demonstrated a real interest in this art market segment. The result of the auction comprised 40% of sold lots, a third of which was sold with bidding. That was a great stimulus to the development of «CONTEMPORARY ART» department, and since then the auctions of this department have become a part of the auction schedule of "Golden Section" action house and are held twice a year along with the auctions of classic art.

Already since the autumn of 2010 the auctions of «CONTEMPORARY ART», conducted by "Golden Section" auction house, initiated methodical formation of a civilized market of contemporary art. The sales began to exceed the 50% barrier, many new records of modern Ukrainian authors were made at our auctions. Search and discovery of new names has become a key task of the department, the circle of artists is constantly expanding, attracting authors not only from Ukraine but also from neighboring countries.

The auctions of «CONTEMPORARY ART» are held twice a year in spring (April) and autumn (October).

The auction collection includes several sections: collectors’ section of art works of 1980-1990 (the art of "New Wave", artists’ work of the groups of "Paris Commune", "Squat on Olegovskaya", "Scenic Reserve", "Furmanniy Lane", Conceptual Art), modern actual art of recognized artists of Ukraine and neighboring countries, art of young and promising artists.

Collectors’ section of art works of 1980-1990 is presented at "Golden Section" auctions by the following names: O. Golosiy, A. Gnilitskiy, A. Savadov, A. Roitburd, L. Voitsekhov, S. Lykov, V. Bazhay, P. Kerestey, L. Vartyvanov, S. Panich, I. Gusev, V. Ryabchenko, K. Zvezdochetov, M. Geiko, O. Zhivotkov, the duets of Martynchiki and Peppers and others.

Modern actual art is reflected in the works of such artists as A. Savadov, A. Roitburd, O. Kulik, B. Mikhailov, V. Tsagolov, I. Chichkan, M. Mamsikov, O. Tistol, I. Gusev, A. Savko, V. Reunov, A. Krivolap, O. Zhivotkov, N. Krivenko, T. Silvashi, V. Trubina, V. Ralko, V. Budnikov, Yu. Solomko, V. Sidorenko, A. Sagaydakovskiy, A. Gankevich and many others.

The art of young and promising artists (painting, graphics, photo, sculpture, installation, digital art, street art) is represented by such names at auctions: the artists of REP group (N. Kadan, L. Khomenko, Zh. Kadyrova, L. Nakonechnaya, N. Kuznetsov), ubik (D. Salivanov, A. Yakubenko, Ya. Kolomiychuk, V. Kharkevich) A. Volokitin, O. Suslenko, A . Galashin, A. Naumenko, A. Babchinskiy, M. Gonchar, S. Ryabchenko, A. Sidorenko, Yu. Pikul, D. Kornienko and others.

How to Sell at «CONTEMPORARY ART» Auction

For artists, collectors and owners of art objects we provide an opportunity to realize their works through bidding at "Golden Section" auction house.

Continuously we accomplish admission of contemporary modern art works for auctions of «CONTEMPORARY ART», which are held every spring (April) and autumn (October).

Works admission for the auction is accomplished in the following terms:

«CONTEMPORARY ART» auction in April of each year - admission of art works is accomplished from January 1 to March 1 of the current year

«CONTEMPORARY ART» auction in October of each year - admission of art works is accomplished from May 1 till August 15 of the current year

The auction house is interested in collectors’ Ukrainian, Russian paintings by famous authors of the period of 1980-1990, modern contemporary art by famous artists and young art. The proposals are not restricted on technique, genre or size of art works.

To participate in the auction you have to:

Our specialists will perform qualified assess of the design object value, and if necessary carry out a full range of services in preparation for the exhibition - restoration, baguette mounting and expertise (provided services are paid separately on actual basis of work performed).