"ICONS" is one of the major departments of the Auction House "Golden Section". We professionally deal with collecting, restoration, buying, selling, cataloging and promotion of this art form in Ukraine.

In spring 2009 in Kiev Museum of Russian Art Auction House "Golden Section" held an exhibition "RUSSIAN ICON XVII - early XX centuries ", where about 150 works of Russian iconography, first offered for public demonstration were presented. The exhibition was made up of various Ukrainian collections. Expressly for this exhibition was published fundamental catalogue, which includes 114 icons of the best private collections presented in the exhibition. An arrangement has received very good response in the press and among the admirers of this art form.

In 2014, the "Golden section" published semi-album semi-catalogue "The Purity of soul", which includes 210 icons of XVI-XX centuries from private collections. Working on this album had been taken for two years, and the result exceeded all expectations. Currently, in Ukraine it is the first large-scale catalogue of icons from private collections. Pearls of Russian iconography never published before and not shown anywhere you can see in this book. It widely represents the variety of the best centers of Russian iconography from the XVI to XX centuries.

Auction house "Golden Section" offers services in the formation of private and corporate collections of Russian icons. We always have a wide choice of this form of sacred art. Our experts on Russian icon will assist in the evaluation and selling your art objects.